Parent POM

This package defines basic build flow for all of our projects developed in Rafał Wrzeszcz - There is no magic however - we release it open source, so you can make use of it for rapid bootstrap of your custom project.

To use it simply use pl.wrzasq.parent:parent as parent of your project:


    <!-- your project definition here -->

Project structure

There are four parts of this project, however just two of them are important for end-projects:

  • parent-generic is a generic Java project setup (that binds parent project plugins with parent-detekt ruleset);
  • parent-opensource contains additional setup for Rafał Wrzeszcz - open source projects.

The other two parts are needed to provide shared Detekt ruleset and bind it together with released project:

  • parent is a base project definition, but without code style checks (which require separate packaging to make it shared between external projects);
  • parent-detekt is a packaged Detekt ruleset.

Additionally, for serverless Lambda projects/modules there is parent-lambda module that establishes a common foundation for logging (and maybe other aspects in future).