URL slug generation

Slugifier is an object responsible for generating URL slug representation of given input. Usually it’s used to generate URL-friendly resource identifiers. To describe this feature pl.wrzasq.commons.text.slugifier.Slugifier interface has been introduced. It declares two methods, both named slugify(). One variant is responsible for generating output from single string and second one - from array of strings.

Default implementation

The simplest implementation is provided by pl.wrzasq.commons.text.slugifier.SimpleSlugifier. It does the following stuff:

  • transcodes all known characters to ASCII charset;
  • drops all non-word (not a letter or a digit) characters;
  • replaces all whitespaces and special characters by specified delimiter (- by default), always single;
  • drops leading and trailing - characters;
  • lowercase the result.

Here are some examples:

Initial value Generated slug
FOO foo
Chillout Development chillout-development
Chillóut -- Devęlopment chillout-development
-=[ TEST ]=- test

You can change the delimiter with setDelimiter() call:

import pl.wrzasq.commons.text.slugifier.SimpleSlugifier;
import pl.wrzasq.commons.text.slugifier.Slugifier;

public class SlugifierFactory
    public static Slugifier createSlugifier(String delimiter)
        SimpleSlugifier slugifier = new SimpleSlugifier();
        return slugifier;